General Terms

These general terms and conditions regulate the relations between Toskov&Yordanov Law Firm and the users of this web site ( User is any person who uses the functions of this site and makes a payment using the site, according to the provisions of these “General terms and conditions”.
The payments made using this web site are subject to the terms and conditions, and the notes specified here. When you make such payment, you agree to the provisions of the General terms and conditions, which provisions may be updated by us at any time. Please, check regularly this web site, in order to be aware of any changes in the General terms and conditions. If you disagree with the changes, we recommend that you cease making payments using this page immediately.  
We assume no responsibility if for any reason this web site is not available at all times and for any period. Occasionally, the access to some or any part of the page may be restricted in relation to its maintenance or other technical reasons.
In order to make payments through this web site, you have to register. The registration procedure in the site is entirely voluntary and free. During the registration you have to provide true, correct, topical and complete information in all aspects. If you wish to alter any part of the registration data, you may do this by entering your profile on this site. We reserve our right to change the registration requirements.  
In order to register, you must fill the registration form.
The fields marked with asterisk must be filled mandatory. After successful registration, the user shall receive user name and password used to enter his profile on the site.
On this site, you have the opportunity to make payments using bank cards Visa, Visa Electron, V PAY, MasterCard, Maestro, MasterCard Electronic. Please, bear in mind that your V PAY or MasterCard Electronic card shall be accepted only if registered in the schemes Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode. The maximum amount of single payment using bank card is 10 000 leva.
All payments are made only in Bulgarian leva (BGN). By accepting these general conditions, the user agrees unconditionally to pay the Toskov & Yordanov Law Firm sums for lawyer’s fees and/or amounts of the customer used for payments to third parties in the name of the user and/or at his own account.
All payments made using this web site are intended for payment of fees for delivered consultancy and/or legal services and/or customer funds. Customer funds are those funds, used for paying third parties on behalf of the user – customer (individual or company) who has contractual relations with the Toskov & Yordanov Law Firm. All sums intended for payment of consultancy services and paid using this site include VAT (if applicable).
In order to make a payment, you should follow the steps below:
1. Log in to your profile using your user name and password.
2. From the menu in the right, choose the “Make a payment” button.
3. Fill the sum you would like to pay directly in Bulgarian leva or Euro. If you fill the sum in EUR, the amount shall be calculated automatically in BGN according to the central exchange rate of the Bulgarian National Bank.
4. Enter the 'Order Code' and specify the reason for payment according to the information you have received preliminary by the Toskov & Yordanov Law Firm.
5. Mark the field confirming that you agree with the “Payment conditions” contained in the payment form.
6. Press the button “Send”.
7. On the payment page of our servicing bank (United Bulgarian Bank JSC) which shall open after you press “Send”, enter the data for your credit/debit card. If you are registered to the authentication schemes Verified by VISA or MasterCard SecureCode, an authentication page of your bank shall open where you must enter your user password. If the transaction is successful, a transaction receipt for the payment will appear onscreen. You may print and/or save this receipt.
Please, bear in mind that any sum you enter in the fields of the payment form in currency other than BGN shall be only for information. If the currency of the card holder is different from the currency of payment, the amount of payment shall be calculated using the respective currency exchange rate for the day of the institution issuing the card. Only for the purpose of facilitation of payment, the user may enter the due amount in EUR that shall be calculated in Bulgarian leva according to the rate of the Bulgarian National Bank. The amount in Bulgarian leva is the amount that shall be paid and exchanged according to these “General terms and conditions”.  Therefore, the statement of your credit/debit card may contain minimum variances between the entered sum in EUR and the amount in EUR after the exchange performed.
If we have to restore sum paid by cards for agreed and performed services by us, we shall make it using credit transaction to the card used for the initial payment, in case such payment is contested according to the conditions of the card institutions.
Data protection
In order to guard you against fraud during payment with your Visa or MasterCard card, we apply best practices recommended by the international card organizations.

The security during entry and transport of card data is provided by the use of an SSL protocol for encryption of the connection between our server and the payment server of our servicing bank. 

The authenticity of your card is checked by the verification of the card verification value (CVV2)

In addition, for your identification as the authentic cardholder, the payment server of our servicing bank supports the authentication schemes of the international card organizations – “Verified by Visa” and “MasterCard SecureCode”, in case you are registered to use them. 
At all times, without exclusion, payments made using this web site shall be based only on contractual relations between Toskov & Yordanov Law Firm and the users of the site. Such relations shall always precede the payment and shall not be established due to the use of this site.
Personal data protection
By accepting these general conditions the user gives his/her termless, specific and unconditional agreements, until refused in written, his/her personal data to be collected, stored, processed and used by the Toskov & Yordanov Law Firm and/or third parties authorized by the first. Customers may at any time receive information whether his personal data are processed and used by the Toskov & Yordanov Law Firm, as well as for the purpose of processing and usage.
Provisional clauses
Toskov & Yordanov Law Firm assumes no responsibility for the content and the safety of the sites to which the users are redirected to by links published on this web site. Clicking such links and the use of the sites to which users are redirected to is made by the users at their own risk and responsibility. If necessary, the users of the site shall be obliged to provide in a correct and complete manner the required data.
For anything not settled by these general conditions, the provisions of the current legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply. Any disputes in relation to interpreting and observance of the present general conditions shall be settled by negotiations. In case an agreement cannot be reached and if the jurisdiction is not specified imperatively, the dispute shall be presented for decision to the competent court in Sofia (Sofia Regional Court and Sofia City Court) in accordance with the rules of the Civil Processing Code.